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I probably could have picked a custom and more interesting theme. I would like to, but the truth is I can’t really afford to pay hosting or time to make one. I wish I could, because I apparently get 3 or 5 or some-odd gigs of space here and I can fill that in 36 seconds flat — just ask the stack of DVDs from when I reformatted my laptop last week.

Lately I’ve been shitting up my mom’s group with daily posts, so I figure instead of inadvertently turning into the ME show, I can start a blog and then let my brain run goofy and have a place to do it. MY CHUNK O’ INTERNET.

My kid just washed his hair. With applesauce. He ate his dinner plate worth and said more, so apparently while I was taking the 38.7 seconds of me time I will get today, he decided that ‘more’ meant ‘shampoo’ and now I have to go dunk him in a vat of water. I wonder if applesauce works on weave.

If you subscribe to this, I will probably post a lot (too much). But I live in a place where I know very few people and its giving me an outlet and already I am excited. More later tonight when the male cuffs have gone to sleep.

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